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gepubliceerd datum November 4, 2016
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Land Belgium

F2 Discovery 220 liter.

Zeer geschikt om het windsurfen te leren of weer op te pakken .
Zeer stabiel door de breedte en het middenzwaardje.

Samenstellen van een kompleet vaarklare set met tuigage naar eigen keus is mogelijk. Bel of mail mij voor de (vele) mogelijkheden.

De vraagprijs is voor het losse board, tuigage tegen schappelijke meerprijs !


F2 Discovery S Windsurf Board Large 225L 90cm
Why windsurf without the uncertainty of an unstable Board to have and allows you to find your balance within the first week. The discovery helps you the planing within the first 10 hours to learn and you will quickly find that Windsurfing is one of the most dynamic sports in the world. Not only beginners but intermediates and advanced surfers will have fun with this board, while the skill of the driver improved. Sorry to all wind surfing schools, but this board will reduce your beginner courses strong.

Key Features of the F2 Discovery S Sailboard:

  • a long running surface stabilizes the sliding layer and simplifies the planing and control

  • provide double concave with lateral surfaces of the mast track area for a lot of quiet and comfort

  • flat V and a narrow rear and make it easier to jibe the board necessary

  • single konkave and narrow double edges automatically force the beginner to be on the longitudinal axis and to experience an exciting Anfahrgefuhl

  • Double-edge approach lets the board in maneuvers to sink deeper and therefore facilitates the initiation of the neck

Hedge clippings give a free ride

Naam: Surfstuff


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